new HF backyard antenna – G5RV 80m-10m


Antenna is a slightly modified G5RV made of twisted copper wire, 102ft long + isolators and extra steel wire for hanging. Height is about 30ft, slightly sloped.

Performance is pretty good for a multiband dipole but I don’t have other reasonable antenna to compare it to right now.

Noise levels are high in the lower bands 3.5-7 MHz but that’s mainly due to band conditions. An additional tuner / bandpass filter may improve the situation a bit. I may look into that in the future.

1.8MHz not good at all. I’m unable to tune the 160m. Getting bad SWR (like 2.5 or worse). Receive still works though.

60meters also has poor performance and a high SWR but I’m not really working 5.3MHz at all. Not much activity there.

6m performance is even worse but I never expected it to work on 50MHz anyway.

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